Which Countries Have A Remo Agreement With The Uk

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I asked the REMO unit to send me the application forms that they had translated into German. The official translation had the wrong date of birth, the wrong Social Security number, and the wrong name for my ex-husband, so it was no wonder the authorities couldn`t find it! There is no excuse for factual errors that don`t even need to be translated. As a professional translator, I spent many hours rechecking and translating the original entries, doing the work of a paid civil servant for free. Complaints and inquiries to managers were never answered. If you are a receiving parent living in the UK and the paying parent lives abroad, you should contact the Reciprocal Maintenance Enforcement Team (REMO) of the Courts and Tribunals Service of Northern Ireland. the Hague Convention, be recognized and applied. Enforcing an English order in a foreign jurisdiction is a complex area that usually requires the advice of a local lawyer. Expatriate Law may discuss your options with you, regardless of the stage of the financial or execution process in which you find yourself, and refer you to specialized lawyers in other jurisdictions. This backgrounder describes how the child support system works when a person lives in care, a non-resident parent or an eligible child lives abroad. Some countries, including many Middle East/Sharia jurisdictions, have little or no mutual agreement with English courts, and there may be particular difficulties in enforcing English orders in these countries.