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Mesa College has a number of articulation agreements with local private universities. What is an articulation agreement: articulation agreements are formal agreements between two institutions that guarantee the reciprocal transmission of courses. This transfer contract serves as a guide for students who are late in their courses or transferred to a university where not all units have been successfully transferred. The courses listed in our transfer agreement database are approved in advance to transfer them to PLNU. If you are an up-to-date student and have questions about these agreements, please contact the Office of Records. If you are a transfer student, please contact a transfer advisor for more information. After completing a transfer course, request official transcripts (in a sealed envelope) from the other institution and specify that they will be sent directly to the UNP Registration Office (unauthorized). Once the transcript is received in our office, your scientific recording specialist will analyze it and enter it into your UNFPA transcript within four weeks of receiving it. This information is provided directly by the university and has not been verified or approved by San Diego Mesa College. Transfer guides are NOT articulation agreements and should be used in consultation with an advisor as a counselling tool. “When I joined PLNU as a junior, I should focus on my most important courses for the next two years and deal with general education courses,” says Maddie Leighty, a general education student. “What I didn`t know was that only a handful of classes I occupied at JC [19-22 units per semester] were not transferred.” PlNU has transfer agreements with several universities and universities to help current and potential students choose transferable general education (GE) courses. The courses listed in our transfer agreement database are pre-approved with certain restrictions for transfer to PLNU.

If we do not have a transfer contract for your institution, please read our GE transfer guide. Watch to learn more about the UNPP transfer contract. Before you sign up for a course with another institution, you should stop by the Records Office for written permission. Don`t forget to bring a description of the catalogue of the course you want to take, or, if it`s an online course, you need a program that shows a discussion with the threads. Your academic file specialist will ask you a few clarification questions, help you fill out a transfer credit approval form or petition on academic policy, and perhaps refer you to an academic department. Don`t forget to file your final application for approval with the file office; We keep this copy in your file and send it back when your course is transferred to PLNU. Articulation is the process by which a course (or a number of courses) taught in a higher education institution is accepted as equivalent or instead of a comparable course (or a number of courses) at another institution. Students wishing to transfer are advised to consult a consultant to obtain information on the requirements for specific majors and transfer institutions.

For more information, visit the Joint Office page. Plnu has entered into transfer agreements with San Diego colleges to help students choose transferable general courses (GE). The courses listed in our transfer agreement database are approved in advance. Please contact your admissions advisor to help you with your future selection. The following instructions have been specifically designed for students currently participating in the UNP.