The Wyatt Lease Agreement

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So I had to move to a room 3, I was shown a nice apartment well furnished, for payment, I had a very dirty apartment that I refused, later I was forced to move into a 4-bed, and to my surprise, my room had no bathroom, no walk nearby, no TV in the living room, so I literally have to leave my room to bathe. I felt betrayed, the decos in it are low budjeted. Although apt is very fair, flat buddy will not increase the heating lemme, in intense time. These people show you something beautiful – put you in a bad place. Lesson learned, don`t renew the lease, unless I get a room change – would certainly not recommend anyone! Rent is easy through our online portal. Just sign up and pay – if you have any questions about your account, call or stay at the office during business hours. Extend your stay at Wyatt! Sign your lease at an early stage to lock in our lowest prices and stay in the same apartment for another year. Ask for your extension offer. I wish I could not give stars. Please do yourself a favor and don`t live in the Wyatt, you will be disappointed. I`ve been living at Wyatt since August 2017 and it gave me a headache.

The walls are super thin, so you can hear everything your neighbors are doing; Conversations, open and close doors, go, etc. You literally feel when your neighbors walk around their room, the floors are so badly done that you can feel and hear the vibrations of the steps. It`s like there`s no wall between you and your neighbors. There are poops all over the place to go for politics after pets have not been taxed. THERE IS NO PARKING. It`s always a pain for guests to find parking on Curry Ave. It`s noisy all the time, so lucky with studies. Maintenance is almost non-existent.

When I moved into my apartment, it was dirty. Spots on the carpet, missing blinds, a huge crack on the couch. I talked to the employees about the crack in my couch in August. They promised to replace her in the coming days. It`s May and it hasn`t been replaced 🙂 The staff is very difficult to manage. Whenever a problem is posed, they act as if they are disunited. I have never been so incompetent in my life. I was excited to move into my very first apartment at Wyatt, but I learned my lesson. Don`t be fooled by the miniature apartment they show you. Ask me to see the other buildings. They`re dirty.

The aisles are disgusting with cat urine, food and sometimes also co-dog. This is a danger to health/health facilities. Please take my assessment seriously and stay away from this place, it`s horrible. Your title is too long. Remove characters that are below the maximum. We`re sorry, but there was an error when sending your notice. Please, do it again. Parking allocated. Available area (1 car per capita). There is a parking fee of $10 to $25 per month. Please call our rental office for full parking policy.

The worst living conditions I`ve ever been in, because management didn`t keep the lease over. Now I am forced to live in uncertain conditions because they refuse to end my lease. All signing fees will be waived if you are renting within 48 hours of your tour! $148! At Wyatt, we have everything you need to get the most out of college, and it`s all at your fingertips. When the time to study, our spacious apartments and 24/7-study lounge make it easy to focus on your own or work with classmates. When it`s time to relax, you can always make friends who relax by the pool, play games on the squares or settle into the clubhouse for a movie or pool party.