Snagov Parc Agreement

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CONCLUSIONS:1) of the Snagov Foundation:1a) after 4+ years of registered addresses at the Primaria Snagov, CJ Ilfov, Ministry of Tourism, etc. – sees that the Snagov City Council (via Musat Apostol and Marian Oancea as mayor), the Snagov Foundation initiative (and on its own resources) will create a tourist information center (with maps, routes, leaflets, etc.). Indeed, although they are even invited to decode those who have direct responsibility – ignore (do not come, do not laugh, even throw sticks, etc.) – have actually helped to decode Snagov from the Tourist Resort of national interest to the resort of local interest (village of Snagov only) and then not to allocate 1 lion for years for what it would imply (at least at this level)1b) the Snovag Foundation, That by this master plan, the Snagov City Hall is coherent (10+ years) to ignore (and now try to replace) what exists and works. As proof, more than 6,000 children and Evevi and hundreds of schools came to Snagov. They are thus completed (pilot / minimum level – but operational): tourist information center, countryside and sea courses (even with audio tapes – connected to smartphones), biodiversity center (with pond, aquariums, terrariums, etc.), rental center (bicycles, kayaks, etc.) Snagov Museum Collections (more than 5000 items purchased / collected in 15 years) etc.2) Snagov Primaria (perhaps also for reasons of European funds – only for new projects), shows that there are not many objectives (local needs and opportunities) and instead of helping and multiplying (as in Snagov, extending over 16 km), tries to repress what is not “biased”, Interest groups (with facilitated real estate canons, etc.) 3) it is appropriate and necessary and (at least) 7 to 12 other economic actors and NGOs (concerned by this master plan) to adopt a position (at least because they have not been consulted). Like all members of the municipality of Snagov, if they were to have a reaction and comments on what was done without their public consultation, with money and resource objectives (lands) and especially the future – community.4) The territory of Snagov needs a new master plan more detailed and rigorous, with public debate and on the basis of community resources (country, etc.) – presented publicly (not hidden and only presented to a few, Note: The Snagov Foundation has repeatedly invited Snagov parties and leaders to publicly discuss (and give written material) about: resources, needs, problems – Snagov and pencil (same audience) a vision, then a strategy for the Snagov area. But all of that — they never answered officially. Look that they now dare voters with approaches like (after we undress them, we will do the bottlenecks, etc.