Etca Agreement Pdf In Sinhala

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Many of them is because the document itself is not (official) public, but we have an unofficial copy here, and some quick FAQs. This article won`t tell you if the deal is good or bad, but it will try to roughly put what it is. What is on the table is just an agreement to reach an agreement in six months. We Sri Lankans are strongly protesting against the proposal to conclude the ETCA agreement with India. About you guys, you mentioned that any company can hire foreigners through the BoI. But that`s not true. You don`t need to be a business or go through the BoI. Simply if your business has a condition for a job for which no one can do it in Sri Lanka or someone who is available to fill this vacancy (perhaps because no one or can be that all those who have this ability are already occupied somewhere or all those you have chosen after recruitment have not accepted You can recruit foreigners with the permission of the relevant ministry (of this trade) and the head of who will grant them a work visa. Good articles overall. But that is the problem.

There is no date for documents that have been scanned and published. Therefore, no one can verify whether what is being said is really what is being done or whether it is a document boiled by GMOs. This agreement has been under discussion since 2003, and it could easily be something that was done and abandoned years ago. Given the current problems of GMO with the government, it may well be the case of a wrong document to create only problems. The entire section on technology groups is also absent. Thus, only those who are involved in the agreement and God know what it contains. The standing committee is made up of senior officials and is expected to meet at least every two years. It will be responsible for maintaining close ties with trade and industry, while acting as a platform to resolve changes to the agreement. There are two documents, a framework and the agreement itself. Only the framework document is expected to be signed in the coming weeks.

In fact, it is only to open real negotiations.