Agreement On Import Licensing Procedures Pdf

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The import licensing platform provides easy access to information on WTO members` import certificate procedures. Yes, yes. If you believe that a WTO member`s import certificate requirements are dependent on the WTO import licensing agreement in a manner contrary to the WTO import licensing agreement, contact the U.S. Department of Commerce`s Emergency Trade And Compliance Agreement (TANC) emergency number. TANC can provide you with the information and assistance you need to understand your rights under this Agreement. It can also activate the U.S. government to help you solve your export problem. If necessary, U.S. officials can make requests to the government of the other country concerned. The World Trade Organization dispute settlement procedure, described in the exporter`s guide to the WTO dispute settlement agreement, may, in certain circumstances, be used even if WTO member states do not comply with a WTO agreement. If you are unsure of a country`s applications for import certificates, check the WTO website for country/territory import certificates, search the country`s customs website and/or visit the local embassy or consulate.

The agreement on import certificate procedures stipulates that import certificates must be simple, transparent and predictable so as not to become an obstacle to trade. The licensing agreement allows WTO member states to introduce import certificate systems, either automatic or non-automatic. Automatic licenses issued by a government and do not limit imports may be necessary to collect trade data, original statistics or other information. On the other hand, non-automatic licenses are not granted in all cases. They are used to manage quotas or other types of import restrictions. Under the agreement, non-automatic licences must not have the effects on imports due to the restrictions they impose and should not be heavier than is strictly necessary for the management of the measure. Brief information on import certificates and the WTO`s import licensing links section The wto licensing agreement should have a minimum of 21 days (with, if applicable, renewal provisions) to submit their applications. Any changes to the rules on a country`s import authorisation procedures or the list of products subject to import certificates must, as far as possible, be published 21 days before the amendments come into force, so that governments and traders can become familiar with these changes.